We Love Salespeople

Here at the No Snake Zone(TM) we think that salespeople, especially automotive salespeople are a misunderstood and often unappreciated group. The job of the automotive salesperson can be very difficult, involving long hours, inconsistent pay, job insecurity, and stressful work conditions.

Car dealerships also provide very little training which leads to salespeople and customers feeling dissatisfied.

The No Snake Zone(TM) wants to change the perception and the reality surrounding automotive sales. Through training and education we believe we can improve the car buying process for both salespeople and customers.

When a dealer chooses to provide No Snake Zone(TM) certification and training material to their dealership it shows a commitment to both the customer experience and a commitment to creating more satisfied employees. Because everyone involved in our program has been in sales, we love salespeople, we understand how difficult the job can be, and we want to help.

Start looking for dealerships that show their commitment to their employees and customers by participating in the No Snake Zone(TM) Certified Training Program.

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