Is the Internet the Place to Car Shop?

Obviously we like car dealers and we like the internet so when someone said that the internet would change the way people buy cars it made sense. So year after year a new way to buy a car online gets introduced including companies that promise to deliver cars right to your house, that sounds great, right?

It does sound good but in practice it falls a little flat. Here is why. In 2019 there are roughly 293 new car models for sale in the US* and each model offers different trim levels and options. If you want to find a Chevrolet Silverado you get to choose WT, LT, LTZ, with other options like crew cab, double cab, long bed, short bed, you get the idea. So with so many choices, being albe to find the “perfect” vehicle takes more than looking at pictures on a website and clicking the “Buy Now” button.

Many customers need to compare comfort, vehicle size, and see features in person in order to make their decision. When customers visit car dealerships it often takes test drives in several vehicles before a decision can be made. Some things just cant be done on the internet.

Our idea is that while it is great to begin your new car shopping online when you are ready to buy come visit one or our Certified No Snake Zone(TM) dealerships.


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