We Love Salespeople

Here at the No Snake Zone(TM) we think that salespeople, especially automotive salespeople are a misunderstood and often unappreciated group. The job of the automotive salesperson can be very difficult, involving long hours, inconsistent pay, job insecurity, and stressful work conditions.

Car dealerships also provide very little training which leads to salespeople and customers feeling dissatisfied.

The No Snake Zone(TM) wants to change the perception and the reality surrounding automotive sales. Through training and education we believe we can improve the car buying process for both salespeople and customers.

When a dealer chooses to provide No Snake Zone(TM) certification and training material to their dealership it shows a commitment to both the customer experience and a commitment to creating more satisfied employees. Because everyone involved in our program has been in sales, we love salespeople, we understand how difficult the job can be, and we want to help.

Start looking for dealerships that show their commitment to their employees and customers by participating in the No Snake Zone(TM) Certified Training Program.

Is the Internet the Place to Car Shop?

Obviously we like car dealers and we like the internet so when someone said that the internet would change the way people buy cars it made sense. So year after year a new way to buy a car online gets introduced including companies that promise to deliver cars right to your house, that sounds great, right?

It does sound good but in practice it falls a little flat. Here is why. In 2019 there are roughly 293 new car models for sale in the US* and each model offers different trim levels and options. If you want to find a Chevrolet Silverado you get to choose WT, LT, LTZ, with other options like crew cab, double cab, long bed, short bed, you get the idea. So with so many choices, being albe to find the “perfect” vehicle takes more than looking at pictures on a website and clicking the “Buy Now” button.

Many customers need to compare comfort, vehicle size, and see features in person in order to make their decision. When customers visit car dealerships it often takes test drives in several vehicles before a decision can be made. Some things just cant be done on the internet.

Our idea is that while it is great to begin your new car shopping online when you are ready to buy come visit one or our Certified No Snake Zone(TM) dealerships.


Car Buying 101-Credit

Regardless of the vehicle you are searching for, there are certain things that we feel like all car buyers should know. Some might say these are secrets but we feel like that the No Snake Zone experience is made more transparent if both sides, dealer and customer begin the process with some common shared knowledge.

First, lets have a clear understanding of one of the most important factors in a car purchase for most, credit. For over a third of the US population that means dealing with “bad” credit* which is widely considered to be a credit rating under 600.

We understand that a person is not defined by a credit score however vehicle loan payments are. Many dealerships claim that they have special programs for all credit profiles but before you choose a dealership just because they claim to have guaranteed credit approval, make sure they know how to use that program. Programs targeted at certain credit profiles should be there to help however there are many complexities that the dealer you choose should know how to best use them for your benefit.

Your No Snake Zone dealer is ready to serve you, regardless of credit. https://www.foxbusiness.com/features/how-many-americans-have-bad-credit

Car Buying 101-Trade In Value

One of the most common questions asked of car dealers is “what is my trade worth?” The real answer to that question is not as much as you want, but there are two simple things that you can do to get thousands more for your trade.

First, it is important to understand how a dealership arrives at a your trade value. Most dealerships will look at at least one value guide (common guides are KBB, NADA, Black Book, and MMR) when appraising your trade while some dealerships will look at several sources by using specialized appraisal software or apps.

Regardless of what your particular dealership uses remember one important fact:Used vehicle values are subjective, that means regardless of what the value guide says a vehicle is worth, the real value comes from the person appraising your vehicle.

Because the value you receive for your trade is determined by the appraiser there are things you can do to get thousands more for your vehicle trade:1. Regular maintenance. Even something as simple as regular oil changes will often get you thousands more for your trade. Remember that maintenance and service visits to most dealerships are now reported to vehicle history sites such as Carfax and Autocheck which will be seen by your appraiser.2. Clean your vehicle regularly. When you keep your vehicle clean it shows during the appraisal because the paint is in better condition, the interior fabric or leather is in better condition, and the overall appearance of the vehicle is more pleasing. There is a huge difference between the value of a clean and dirty car.

The good news is that all No Snake Zone dealerships have agreed to offer every customer above fair market value for trade in vehicles, which means one less thing you have to worry about when purchasing your vehicle through the No Snake Zone.

SARS-CoVid19-“Coronavirus” Update

The Coronavirus situation is changing quickly across the country as various states put “Social Distancing” orders into place. These orders are changing daily and we will try and keep you updated on your particular State or City and the No Snake Zone dealers in your area. Currently we are seeing that most dealerships are keeping their Service and Parts Departments open (possibly with limited hours), while Sales Departments are open with limited hours or limited staff.